Kirsten Jenkins (Cohort I) has secured a 3-month fully paid internship for summer 2017 with the operational research department of the civil service. Kirsten commented:‘I will be using the skills I have gained in CANES and my PhD in theoretical modelling and data analysis to help better implement policy. This will give me an opportunity to explore research outside of academia. I will also be able to have an impact on society through understanding how to better spend public money.’

Hannah Nguyen (Cohort II) will be taking a break from her CANES research project from August 2017 to undertake a 6-month internship with the French start-up Reuniwatt in their head office in St. Pierre, Reunion Island (France). During her internship she will be implementing an Ensemble Kalman Filter approach coupled with a regional weather forecasting model, evaluating its performance with respect to cloud cover predictions for islands in the tropics. Hannah said: ‘I’m really excited about the prospect of working in a research-based company and believe my time on this internship will give me not only an insight into potential paths after CANES but will also equip me with additional knowledge and skills for when I return to continue with my PhD project at CANES.’